School hours: 7AM - 6PM
  School: (727) 522-6650

Church hours: 8AM - 4PM
  Church: (727) 522-2171

Our goal is to influence your child in five areas:

ACADEMICS - Your child will discover his/her academic potential and will gain foundational knowledge through new learning experiences and hands‐on activities that will help to promote success in school. We use a systematic approach to teaching phonics through Sing, Spell, Read and Write. We also use a thematic approach to organize our learning environment using Beyond Centers and Circle Time Curriculum.

EMOTIONS - Your child will grow in confidence, responsibility and self‐discipline through encouragement and open communication. We purposefully teach character education to equip children with life skills to solve conflicts.

SOCIAL SKILLS - Your child will have opportunities to share, respect and care for others, cooperate and interact with adults and peers through group and individual activities. We intentionally address preschool social skills to teach respect, responsibility and generosity.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - Your child will exercise his/her large and fine motor skills in indoor and outdoor experiences to develop dexterity, strength and coordination.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH - Your child will learn about God’s grace in our Savior, Jesus Christ, through Bible stories, chapel and open discussion.